Invoice Capture - How to improve companies' financial health

Invoice Capture - How to improve companies' financial health

Published on August 18, 2017

Last update on August 21, 2017

Invoice Capture is a virtual collections agent that executes all collections procedures, proactive or reactive, manage payments/receivables, while providing real-time performance analytics and predictive cash-flows. Invoice Capture is a fully automatic SaaS so no human intervention is needed in any part of the flow.

As a Cloud Based Service it doesn't require any additional resources. The data input could be done through direct integrations, API or through an excel file. We already have some direct integrations with all Microsoft environment and several ERP like PHC, Primavera, Invoicexpress, among others. If the costumer has a specific ERP with which we do not have integration available, it’s possible to perform the integration using our API.

The value we add is inextricably linked to the collections success so it's imperative that we maintain a strict relation with our customers. One important outcome from Invoice Capture is performance metrics costumers can extract like for example Cash-flows predictions, debtor’s behaviors or debt scoring.

Costumers agree to pay a fixed fee for each incident managed, supporting email notifications. If it makes sense for their collections strategy, customers can add notifications by SMS, IVR/VMS, Postal Mail, or, in case the debt was not settled, initiate legal procedures through one of our partners.

Invoice Capture, We Take It From Here

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