Debt Collection's Flow


Data Input

Data input can be done through an API integration or an upload of a simple excel file.


Data Analysis

Once the data is uploaded, the AI algorithm while define the profile and cluster of each individual debtor.


Collections' Strategies

A specific notification strategy will be applied to each debtor, allowing a more efficient interaction that will boost the success of the operation.


Invisible Settler

A 24/7 debtors’ dedicated platform is available where debt details can be verified and any settlement proposal or dispute can be solved online.


Digital Payments

All notifications can include a digital payment method in order to simplify the settlement of the debt. Stripe, Paypal, Alipay, MB, Sepa money transfers, are some of the available gateways.


Machine Learning

All collections’ procedures will be referred so Invisible Collector can identify debtors’ behavioral patterns in order to continuously improve debt collections effectiveness.

Artificial Inteligence at the service of debt.
Increase your collection's rate while reducing costs.

As easy as it seems
Automation in 4 Steps


It takes only two steps. First "SignUp" and register your user. Second register the company which will verified and validated


First - input data, through an API integration or a simple Spreadsheet file.

Second - Evaluate the collections' strategy and adjust some details to make it more suitable to you customers


Users will have access to management online reports, having at any time the control of all operations.


Invisible Collector uses AI to execute the best notification notification strategy to each debtor at any given time, maximizing collections' ratios while reducing costs by as much as 80%


Customer Stories

Determined in fulfilling the objectives it proposes, it bases its business model on percentage return rates, leveraged by the introduction of technologies that provide increases in the efficiency and value of its clients' assets.

A win-win relationship
Capacity for innovation, strategy, speed in solution and probity.

In conclusion ...
A reliable partner!!
Despite being a recent organization, already has strong characteristics of maturity. they end up (and in very fast SLAs) for finding a solution that fits perfectly in what is presented need - usually translated into value generation, for efficiency and fluidity with processes are managed.

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